Professional Athletes play to win in their respective sport, and many of them experience professional and personal highs that most of us only dream of, especially on Draft Day when many young athletes are flushed with newfound wealth.

With this success, comes the reality that Free Agency,  Contract Re-Negotiations, & League Trades are a part of the equation.

Whether it’s a being drafted or traded, both typically involve relocation to be closer to the team they are playing for.

What makes Paul Argueta unique, is not only his experience and sales volume in Real Estate, but his ongoing education in the field of Professional Sports Athlete Management.

Paul regularly attends conferences, lectures, and courses related to the field of managing professional athletes.

This added value is not something to take lightly when an athlete faces a mid-season trade or release.

Wildly Personalized Suite of Services

Wildly Personalized Suite of Services

He. Could. Go. All. The. Way.

Paul does not intend to replace the Sports Agent, Financial Advisor, or Legal Advisor.

Each of these esteemed professionals is highly specialized in their respective fields, and while one might make the argument that a full service provider, offering all the latter services, is more advantageous, versus one who specializes in only one field, it invariably breeds an air of conflict of interest, and may violate state or federal laws or relevant codes of ethics, if not properly licensed to perform a certain duty.

Paul’s goal is to work collectively with the existing team of advisors, ensuring a seamless transaction and process for the Professional Athlete.

With real estate transactions involving well known personalities, discretion is paramount. In an effort to preserve the anonymity of his clients, it is common practice for Paul to keep information about plans, destinations and meetings secret. Many of his clients sell and/or purchase through a corporation-name or an LLC.

Paul offers a multitude of services designed to allow the Professional Athlete and/or their loved ones to walk right into their home and begin living the lifestyle it represents.