Actress & Entrepreneur Traci Ellis Ross is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property

After owning a Spanish style home in Hollywood hills for ten years, actress Tracee Ellis Ross has decided to put the property on the market for $2.4 million. It’s been a great investment and will continue to be once it is sold for $910,000 – she originally bought it for $910,000 in 2008.

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Tracy,Ellis,Ross,Attends,The,2017,Metropolitan,Museum,Of,ArtWith years of history and unique architecture and fixtures, the house is one to be admired. It may not offer features like a Hollywood celebrity might require but it uses details to create a warm and welcoming home. Ross has given her Instagram fans an inside look of her colorful space with her upcoming sale, without any new colors or renovations since she created the inviting nature in each room herself.

After a decade of living in her Hollywood Hills house, Tracee Ellis Ross is putting her 1930s Spanish home on the market for $2.395 million. She should make a tidy profit once it is sold because she paid $910,000 for it back in 2006 — the most she would expect to get now 10 years later.

After Vogue’s 73 Questions visited Tracee Ellis Ross’s home in 2017, the vivacious actress and fashionable queen described the relatively modest and well-cared-for Spanish residence in the foothills above Hollywood as “warm, safe, and fun.”

At that point, her 25-foot-long living room had been painted a warm shade of navy and was comfortably appointed with a massive bluish-gray linen sofa. Not one to just throw the old out for the new, Ross told the Financial Times last year that she bought the sofa from college, repainted it 63 times, and kept it despite being 30 years old.

The kitchen floor remains in an old-school checkerboard pattern, with a stove in the red hue and cabinets in vintage black and white. The sink is surrounded by an encircling counter made of ceramic tile with golden patterns from the bathroom set below. There isn’t much room for pots and pans or baking trays here; they are all hand washed by Ross herself! There is a bright breakfast nook as well as a separate dining room nearby.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms in 2,540 square feet. You can find the main part of the three-story white brick on-stucco home with two bedrooms on the upper level, and two bathrooms on the main floor. The third bedroom and bathroom are on the lower level with an outside entrance, as well as a second vintage kitchen.

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property PortraitRoss told Vogue that there are four lemon trees on the property, which is a little bit because she likes lemon. On the front end of the guesthouse and the gym, both of which are easily converted to media rooms or offices, Ross’s private and terraced backyard has several sunny flagstone terraces for entertaining and relaxing as well as becoming a gorgeous backdrop for Instagram-worthy photos.

Ross recently expressed a desire to buy a house on both coasts, and as fans recall, she’s been moving around since her childhood. Her mother is the famous music legend Diana Ross and her father is a music executive at Sony Music record company. The longtime single still has a place in Tribeca, where she previously bought this newest condo in 2007 for nearly $800,000.

On the other hand, Pattern is a beauty line launched by Tracee Ellis Ross in the year 2019 that addresses the needs of Black women, an often underrepresented market in the cosmetics industry.

Tracee Ellis Ross, founder of Pattern Beauty, believes that beauty is a portal into someone’s soul.

Tracee Ellis Ross is well-known as an actress, but she also has a line of natural hair products, Pattern Beauty, to fill a void in beauty and culture at large.

Ross, who had spent 10 years perfecting her vision to be “authentic” and to embrace the beauty of Black hair, said. The mission of Ross’s brand is to meet the needs of the Black community who have curly, coily, or very tightly-coiled hair.

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property Living RoomThe peak of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020 was when people became more educated about the key to making change is “equity,” which is why “equity” is the key to implementing change within the beauty industry.

Pattern has worked with Ulta Beauty for the past two years, offering them the results they’ve been hoping for. More specifically, Pattern was able to hold Ulta Beauty accountable while also setting meaningful goals and measuring the progress of their initiatives.

With the eighth and final season of ABC show “Black-ish” about to air, co-executive producer Skinny Girls Are Not Worth It creator Danielle Ross is not done working with Pattern. “If you can’t keep growing, if you can’t keep expanding the narrative and expanding the dialogue with your customer, [the brand is] not going to grow,” she said.

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property Bed RoomThe company saw a need to release larger versions of their product lines and began creating Jumbettes and Pattern styling cream as well as curl gel. Ross is planning additional products, like prestige beauty brands. She wants to grow the business into more categories.

What made them unique was not only that they were accessible to everybody, but because of the many different retail locations in which it could be found. They’re set to launch at Sephora this fall and are available online at, as well as at Ulta Beauty in brick-and-mortar and trendy retail locations like Ulta Beauty shops inside Target stores.

Ross said that she wants to change the industry so that everyone has choices.

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property Dining RoomShe came to define herself by who her mother was. Her entire life, she grew up in the embrace of her mother’s love, identity and support. It was one of the ways that she discovered who she was and how she navigated life today.

Going back, Ross’ house is ranging from the 1930s to the late 1950s, this stunning home sits on a quiet cul-de-sac street and offers classic Hollywood Hills, downtown L.A., city views.

The entry hall provides a large step down living room with a beautiful fireplace, hardwood floors and a classic picture window overlooking the gardens.

With views of the city and style, this house has a formal dining room, a vintage style kitchen/office/study with built-in cabinet as well as a sunny breakfast nook.

Talk To Paul TTP Actress & Entrepreneur Trace Ellis Ross Is One Step Closer to Selling Her Property TerraceThe primary bedroom has beautiful decor, a walk-in closet, and opens to an outdoor patio with stunning views from sunrise to sunset.

The 2nd bedroom has a view of the terrace and is included in the lower level of this property. The lower level features a media lounge or gym, opening to a large entertainment terrace, which is great for entertaining guests. A separate entrance with an attached bath and kitchen gives the guest apartment privacy.

The unique private gardens offer multiple areas to enjoy alfresco dining, full sun areas, mature trees and areas for lawn and more. A rare find! *3rd Bedroom & 3rd Bath are in the guest apartment. There is an offering deadline Thursday March 31 at 5:00pm.

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