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Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs FrontBut before diving in, let’s first know who Karen Haines is.

Karen Haines, a legendary innovator and famous designer, is a master performer. Karen Haines has spent decades honing the art of entertaining, first in her modest Chicago apartment and now with her husband Chris Haines in their breathtaking Palm Springs house.

Every Karen Haines’ party has always been recognized for its hand-made, one-of-a-kind custom martini, affectionately referred to as her “spamartini,” which is always served in retro glassware and crystal. Karen discovered a gap in the spirits market by creating and serving these unique drinks: a high-end, ready-to-drink cocktail that was clean and refreshing while also being low in calories, low in sugar, high in proof, and guilt-free. She came to the realization that while everyone enjoys a tasty martini, most women simply lack the time to create them from scratch while also being extremely conscious of their diet and health.

It was easy for Karen to create Spa Girl Cocktails because she had always known she wanted to turn her love of entertainment into a lifestyle brand that every woman would want in her own home. With Spa Girl Cocktails’ ready-to-drink vodka, which was developed out of a desire to provide women more options, women can be sure that every pour of a premium cocktail they receive from Karen has the same handcrafted flavor as Karen’s own inventions.


Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs KitchenWhen we conducted our interview, Spa Girl Cocktails @spagirlcocktails had been a business in development for more than ten years, officially launching in 2017. She is another Diva in my upcoming book, “Empowered Women that Empower Women-Vol 1.” It has been a huge success for the entire company for Spa Girl to have welcomed businesswoman Alisa Marie Beyer into the position of CEO a few years ago.

Karen fell in love with every single member of her Spa Girl team when she first met them in 2019. Young businesses that have participated in the Covid challenges have developed their brand’s creativity and their ability to work together as a cohesive unit. They are still moving forward despite the difficulties. They are having a great time putting together these lovely low-calorie drinks, which is precisely what Karen wanted to achieve in her business.

Karen has changed drastically since then in all facets of her life, and the rapid development is just stunning. I had to provide a sneak preview of our amazing interview while we are amending her questions that are intended for the book launch.


You’re going to adore Karen and her group, not to mention the difference they’re making in the world!!!

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Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs Glam Mid Century Modern

Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs LivingThe party-friendly property owned by Karen Haines, the inventor of Spa Girls Cocktails, and her husband Chris Haines is making a stir on the Palm Springs real estate market. The Hollywood Regency-style home, which is situated in the Old Las Palmas district, was constructed in 1962 by local developer Robert Marx for himself and his wife.

Robert Marx, a modernist architect and the son of Gummo Marx of the legendary Marx Brothers comedy troupe, founded the MarVal Construction Company in the late 1950s. The Indian Wells Country Club and the Leo Maranz House in Rancho Mirage are two of the company’s significant projects. The Leo Maranz House, with its recognizable hyperbolic paraboloid roofline, has established itself as a constantly popular venue for photo shoots and advertising.

Marx departed from the futuristic design exhibited by the Maranz House for his own private property, which was featured in the September 1962 issue of Architectural Digest. The developer adopted a scroll from classical Greco-Roman architecture instead, adorning the 4,278 square foot home with numerous Corinthian and Ionic columns, as well as a pair of cast iron fountains with cherubs carved into them, perhaps as a nod to the indulgent attitude toward bacchanalia of the desert resort town. The Haineses bought the low-slung midcentury in 2010, and in a Palm Springs Life story from 2015, they described how they “shook and stirred” it to give it more of a Hollywood Regency feel.


Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs LibraryThe house is surrounded by high hedges and is entered through a pair of carved Pullman-style doors with sizable glass walls on either side. The living room and the entry foyer are divided inside by a sizable wall of raw marble that also acts as the background for a fireplace on the side that faces the interior. The dining room, which has a large wall of built-in bookcases on one end and a wall of mirrors on the other, has a dramatic concave dome ceiling and an antique chandelier that is adorned with a variety of silver Christmas tree ornaments. In addition, there are built-in bars, an open-concept kitchen, and a British-themed den where Chris Haines, the owner of an off-road motorcycle tour company, has a collection of vintage motorcycles on display.

Two of the home’s four bedrooms have been altered, one into Karen Haines’s popular line of low-calorie, ready-to-drink vodka cocktails targeted at women, which she first introduced from her fuschia-walled office (Ms. Haines is a big fan of pink, as evidenced by the Spa Girl Cocktails website, her social media accounts, and her home’s decor). Chris Haines’ large collection of vintage guitars and stereo gear was housed in a bedroom that was converted into a cutting-edge recording studio.

Floor to ceiling glass walls run the length of the house and open to a beautiful patio with a harlequin design and a welcoming pool where guests may enjoy cocktails and magnificent pink-hued sunsets.The asking price is $4.8 for a 45-acre property.


John Campbell of Keller Williams Luxury Homes is the listed agent 

Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs Living 2Let’s meet John Campbell.

Living in Palm Springs since 2001, John Campbell and his boyfriend Timothy Cook love being here. John enjoyed a prosperous professional career as a senior development officer for a number of national non-profit organizations, such as amfAR, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, American Film Institute, and Safe Kids Worldwide. Before making the move to Southern California in 1989, John was a businessman residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he ran a prosperous private nightclub by the name of The Banke. Having owned and sold numerous residences over his career, John has always appreciated the real estate industry. 

As a real estate agent in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley for Keller Williams Realty, John is pleased with his decision. University of Calgary graduate John holds a bachelor’s degree in science. John takes advantage of everything the lovely desert lifestyle has to offer, including golfing, swimming, cycling, weight training, and entertaining, as well as taking in the stunning architecture of the Coachella Valley. John Campbell started JOHN CAMPBELL PET PROJECT on Facebook because he has a deep affection for animals.

His current passion is encouraging others to locate the home of their dreams, no matter how large or tiny, even if it appears to be out of reach. He values encounters that are high value and low pressure at all times. In Southwest Montana, particularly in the more remote areas, John represents customers.


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Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs BarLet me review again the details of the house for you to keep in mind. 

A magnificent Hollywood Regency-Style home in the center of Old Las Palmas that perfectly combines contemporary design with Hollywood glitz. The 4, 278 sq. ft. A 1962-built residence on a prime, walled and gated 19, 602 sq. ft. lot was erected for Mr. & Mrs. Bob Marx (son of Gummo). Unobstructed by telephone poles, this property offers stunning mountain vistas from both the front and back yards. The residence, which was designed for entertainment, is a classic Hollywood Regency. Two urn water fountains surround the impressive original double entry doors, which open into a marble hallway wall that serves as both the corridor’s backdrop and the fireplace’s back wall in the living room.

The entire property has floor to ceiling glass walls that look out into the pool and established gardens. The pool deck is surrounded by authentic Roman pillars. The lighting throughout is of museum caliber. Two of the four bedrooms have been altered, with one becoming an office and the other a cutting-edge entertainment/sound studio. The “British Room” includes Union Jack carpet, Pop art, and a collection of antique racing motorcycles. The spacious dining area has a concave dome ceiling that highlights the classical design and a vintage chandelier with decorative details. The striking master bedroom has a view of the pool, a spacious bath/shower area, two vanities, and a large closet. The furnished guest room shares a bathroom with the office. A gourmet cook will love the kitchen. During Palm Springs Modernism Week, the house received the “popular favorite” poll.


Talk to Paul TTP Founder of Spa Girls Cocktails Lists Palm Springs BathtubIf you want to invest in this house, now is the time to do it. The market is still strong, and there are many houses available for sale. You can find your dream home by looking online or calling a real estate agent. If you’re interested in purchasing a property, make sure to get pre-approved by your lender. This will help you determine how much money you need to invest and avoid any delays in the process.The market is still stable and prices are still low. You can also invest in a property that’s in a good location. If you’re not sure what you want, you can hire a real estate agent to help you find the perfect home. 

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