‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Sells Miami San Marco Island for $26.5M

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But before diving in, let’s first know who Jeff Franklin is.

As a writer and producer for Laverne & Shirley and Bosom Buddies, Franklin started his career in television. Franklin proposed his own program to ABC called “House of Comics,” which featured three comics sharing a home. Franklin added kids to the premise because ABC was looking for a family sitcom, and the result was the show Full House, which aired on the ABC network from 1987 to 1995.

Franklin developed the comedy series Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper while working on Full House, which starred Mark Curry. Franklin left Full House in September 1992 to work on Hanging with Mr. Cooper. His other television credits include writing and producing for programs like Malcolm & Eddie and It’s Garry Shandling’s Show. In addition, he wrote, produced, and directed To Grandmother’s House We Go, the debut film starring the Olsen twins. In 1991, Jeff Franklin signed a contract with Lorimar; however, the agreement was cancelled in 1993 so that Franklin could start working independently as a producer. He had a contract with Columbia TriStar Television that was inked in 1997.


Among Franklin’s most well-known film writing credits are the Mark Harmon-starring teen comedies Just One of the Guys (1985) and Summer School (1987).

13 episodes of Fuller House, the Full House prequel, would be added to Netflix’s streaming library, the company said on April 20, 2015. Franklin, Thomas L. Miller, Robert L. Boyett, and Netflix all announced that they will be in charge of the production. On February 26, 2016, the initial season’s 13 episodes debuted. Due to competition and a failure to significantly increase its audience, the show was cancelled on June 2, 2020, during its fifth season.

Moving on..

Jeff Franklin, creator of “Full House,” has listed a waterfront lot in Miami’s Venetian Islands that is the “Last of its Kind.”

On the $26.5 million property, the TV producer and architect Kobi Karp have designed plans for a large residence with “drop dead downtown vistas,” according to Mr. Franklin.

Creator of the hit television series “Full House,” Jeff Franklin, plans to market a double lot on Florida’s San Marco Island, one of the Venetian Islands in Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, for $26.5 million today, according to Mansion Global.


Talk to Paul TTP ‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Sells Miami San Marco Island for $26.5M Lot 2According to marketing materials from listing agents Eloy Carmenate and Mike Duchon of Corcoran, the property is over half an acre in size and is over 27,000 square feet. It also offers 208 feet of immediate water frontage on the bay and magnificent skyline views.

In his words to Mansion Global, “It speaks for itself.” “That size parcel with unhindered views to the southwest is the only one still available on the Venetian Islands. There are no more like it.

The permitting process should be finished by the end of the year, according to Mr. Franklin, who has worked with Miami-based architect Kobi Karp to create plans for a 16,000 square foot house on the lot. For the building of a new dock, a permit procedure is also ongoing.

The views of the city’s skyline are breathtaking, according to Mr. Franklin. There is a finite amount of undeveloped ground available here, so this is an excellent chance for someone who wants to modify our blueprints to their exact specifications and create something unique.


“All the bells and whistles” are included in the existing plans, he noted. It has a wellness facility that is separate from the hotel, a gym, a massage area, and a cinema with a snack bar. Anyone who wants to experience the Miami way of life would likely love it, in my opinion.

Records show that Mr. Franklin spent $35.5 million last year buying a total of four contiguous parcels on the island. Of the four plots he first bought, the double plot up for sale represents two, according to Mr. Carmenate.

Mr. Carmenate stated that the land had been divided into four portions and that now “we are selling [part of it]”. On the other two lots, he is constructing a megamansion for himself. I’ve seen the drawings, and it is extremely impressive.

The adjacent property to the one that Mr. Franklin was selling is actually mine, he said. As a result, the purchaser becomes my neighbor.

Mr. Franklin, a producer, screenwriter, and director best known for creating the television series “Full House” and “Fuller House,” is experienced in handling high-value real estate transactions and building ventures. At the Los Angeles address that was the location of the now-demolished home where the Manson Family murdered a group of people in 1969, including actress Sharon Tate, he advertised a $85 million Beverly Hills estate in January of this year. The estate was designed by architect Richard Landry.


The listing agents of this sale are Eloy Carmenate and Mike Duchon of Corcoran.

Talk to Paul TTP ‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Sells Miami San Marco Island for $26.5M Lot 3Eloy is unmatched in her understanding of the high-end market. His revenues usually top $120 million annually, and he has been listed among the WSJ Top 100 for six years running. Eloy has a rare combination of passion and pioneering spirit, which has made him a priceless asset for both buyers and sellers.

Eloy Carmenate , a Miami native, has seen his real estate profession grow at a rate equal to that of his hometown. Beginning in property management, he soon found himself at the epicenter of a luxury real estate boom and has since emerged as a key player in the development of Miami Beach. He established his own world-record-breaking brokerage in the midst of South Beach’s condos after becoming the exclusive sales agent for 1500 Ocean Drive and Il Villaggio. He is naturally entrepreneurial. He then rose through the ranks to become Senior Vice President of One Sotheby’s Ocean Drive, Executive Director at Douglas Elliman, and is currently a proud member of The Corcoran Group.

Mike Duchon is ideally suited for his work because of his persistence and commitment to his customers. One of the most reputable and well-respected names in real estate, he is a brilliant communicator and has dedicated himself to establishing new and enduring partnerships throughout the years.

He has worked on a number of well-known properties, including Glass, Louver House, and Eighty Seven Park, and is well-known for routinely breaking records.

When he’s not adding to the $700 million or more in transactions he’s already completed, Mike uses his special blend of technical and people talents to look for new trends, markets, and business prospects for his clients.

Moving forward..

Let me review again the details of the house for you to keep in mind. 

A contemporary residence created by Miami architect Kobi Karp is included in the sale’s allowed plans.

In the present, Carmenate claims that it is nearly hard to find a property in San Marco Island with that view and a location that is 208 feet on the water.


Talk to Paul TTP ‘Full House’ Creator Jeff Franklin Sells Miami San Marco Island for $26.5M Lot 4Miami’s downtown and South Beach are easily accessible across the island’s causeway. Furthermore, Carmenate notes that despite being close to Miami’s activity, the area has “that getaway sense.”

With a length of more than 200 feet on Biscayne Bay, the double lot is 0.62 acres in size.

A causeway that is popular with cyclists and runners connects the group of six little islands.

Franklin is currently managing a large amount of pricey real estate. Additionally, he shockingly listed his Beverly Hills, California, mansion at the start of the year for $85 million.

The 21,000 square foot mansion, known as Cielo Estate, features nine bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. The 3.6-acre property’s grounds include a detached guest house, a pool with waterfalls, and space for 35 vehicles. In April, the cost was decreased to just under $70 million. It was available to rent for $250,000 per month in June.

The property has a horrific past: in 1969, the Manson family members who murdered actress Sharon Tate and other people did so there. The house where the killings took place was demolished.

Franklin replaced it with the current, luxurious residence, which was designed by renowned architect Richard Landry.


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