Janet Jackson’s NY Condo Is Now Available for $9Million

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M

If you heard the name Jackson, Michael Jackson or Jackson 5 is probably the one that pops to your mind. But did you know that they actually have a sister that is in the same industry as her brothers? Janet Jackson didn’t just come out from the shadows of her famous brothers to become a superstar. And if you don’t know her, then you are at the right place.

For today’s blog, exclusive to our TTP members, we will be talking more about Janet Jackson and the latest news about her NY condo which is now available to the market. Pretty amazing right? Now without further adieu, let’s get into the blog. 

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M PortraitSo who is Janet Jackson? Janet Jackson is a singer-songwriter and performer who is a part of the Jackson family specifically she is the youngest of the 10 Jackson children. She has won many awards, including Grammy Award in 1984, a Golden Globe Award in 1994, and two American Music Awards in 1994 and 1996. Her hit singles include “Nasty,” “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” “That’s the Way Love Goes,” “Together Again,” and “All for You”. Janet Jackson is one of the most successful artists in recent history, and her collaborations with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis throughout her career have helped her attain new levels of success. With the release of Unbreakable in 2015, she went on to become number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart for Rock Albums, earning accolades from Rolling Stone magazine as well. Janet Jackson, born on May 16, 1966, is a singer-songwriter and actress. She is the youngest of nine children born to Katherine Esther and Joseph Walter Jackson. They grew up rich because her father was in showbiz. Her five brothers, Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine, and Michael, became famous as The Jackson Five and signed a contract with Motown Records in 1968. In collaboration with their sixth brother, Michael Jackson, they achieved top 40 hits such as “I Want You Back,” “The Love You Save,” “ABC” and “Dancing Machine”. 

In late 1969, Jackson took her daughters Rebbie, La Toya, and Janet as well as youngest son Randy to join her husband in Los Angeles, where they moved to further the band’s career. The Jackson children were raised in the Jehovah’s Witness faith, as their mother Katherine Jackson had also been baptized as a Witness. In her tell-all autobiography, La Toya chronicled their difficult childhood and alleged physical abuse by father Joseph. However, their sister Janet and other siblings disputed these accusations in response. The tensions in the Jackson family increased when Michael became a popular solo artist and superstar.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 8Janet Jackson was originally a guest vocalist for her brother Randy Jackson, who was also on stage in their family’s Las Vegas act. She first appeared on The Jacksons as a guest star in 1976, performing alongside them temporarily before being hired to play Penny, a regular cast member on the show Good Times from 1977 to 1979. She continued her work in different roles on television, such as in A New Kind of Family, written by Gary David Goldberg, and the sitcom Different Strokes, created by Gary David Goldberg. She also worked on the teen drama Fame, based in a New York City performing arts high school. Jackson attended public school in Encino, California before she switched to Valley Professional School, from which she graduated in 1984. During her time on the show Fame, she was able to break away from her family’s supervision during filming on location in New York. In 1984, she eloped with James DeBarge, a musician in the group DeBarge. Jackson’s family disapproved of him, and the marriage only lasted for a little over a month. In 1985, she applied for an annulment and was granted one in November.

With the guidance of her brother Michael, she released her first album in 1982. The self-titled album peaked at #84 on the pop charts and had 3 hit singles, including “Young Love” and “Give Your Love to Me.” Sellings totaled around 250,000 copies and so did her follow-up, Dream Street. It featured contributions from her brothers.

The first album that she had success with was Control. She released it on A&M Records. The producers used the services of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis to help them produce this album. It would eventually sell 8 million copies worldwide and also went straight to No. 1 on the U.S. national charts with “When I Think of You” being the number one single from the album. The album also features two other top 5 singles in “What Have You Done For Me Lately” and “Control.” Jackson was nominated for three Grammy Awards and nine American Music Awards, she won the two of the latter. Jackson’s new, assured style, stage presence, and dancing ability were all showcased in her videos, and combined to make her a star.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 2Her next album, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 which is a title potentially referring to the year the American national anthem was written, was a socially conscious album also produced and co-written by Jam and Lewis. The album spawned a number of hit singles, including the chart-toppers “Miss You Much,” “Escapade,” “Black Cat” (written by Jackson herself), and “Love Will Never Do (Without You),” and again sold around eight million copies. Rhythm Nation, which won three American Music Awards, made Jackson the first artist to have seven Top 5 hits from a single album.

Janet Jackson’s contract with Virgin Records, signed in March 1991, was at the time the largest recording contract in history, at $32 million. During this time, there were rumors that Michael Jackson held off signing his so-called “billion-dollar” contract until after Janet signed so as not to steal her publicity.

Janet Jackson released her fifth album named Janet in the summer of 1993 and also had her first leading role in a movie. Her debut was with the film “Poetic Justice” co-starring rapper Tupac Shakur. The film was written, directed, and produced by John Singleton, who is best known for his work on Boyz n the Hood which won two Oscar nominations for writing and directing. Despite receiving poor reviews, Janet Jackson still managed to receive an Oscar nomination for the No. 1 song “Again” which she performed on the soundtrack.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 6Janet Jackson’s The sensual Janet is another collaboration with Jam and Lewis. It has sold more than six million copies and featured “That’s the Way Love Goes,” “If” and “Any Time, Any Place.” The latter became Jackson’s 14th gold single. During this time, it tied her with Aretha Franklin as the most gold singles in the female solo singer category. Aside from that, “That’s the Way Love Goes” earned a Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues Song. Jackson released a song with her brother, “Scream,” in 1995. The music video was the most expensive one made at that time, and Jackson won a Grammy for it. The album Design of the Decade was her compilation album in 1995 and contained her song “Runaway” which was a Top 5 hit that same year.

In 1997, Jackson released her sixth full-length studio album which is the edgy The Velvet Rope. It brought her suggestive style to a whole new level, generating some impressive buzz with lyrics about open sexuality, online alienation, childhood pain, loss, depression, and belonging. Though the album didn’t reach the records of her three previous blockbusters, it did offer a track that pays tribute to those who have passed from AIDS. And there’s also a track featuring Joni Mitchell that won Jackson another music video Grammy.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 3On a more personal level, Janet Jackson made it to the headlines when it was revealed that she had been secretly married to her manager and also her longtime boyfriend, Rene Elizondo, for eight years. Jackson announced their separation in 1999, but the fact of their marriage which Jackson’s sisters La Toya and Rebbie had earlier alleged to the press, only became public when Elizondo filed for divorce in May of 2000.

Despite everything, Janet Jackson continued her acting career and was later cast in The Nutty Professor as the love interest of Eddie Murphy’s character. It was also with this film that she earned her second No. 1 pop song “Doesn’t Really Matter”. A year after, she released the hit album, “All For You”, which, like “The Velvet Rope”, was more sexually explicit than her earlier releases. The success of “All For You” and her subsequent world tour, along with a reported $80 million recording deal with Virgin, put Jackson squarely back on top of the pop world.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 7Janet Jackson’s popularity continued to rise not until an incident at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004 caused a slight falter. In her live performance together with Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson’s right breast was exposed during a costume reveal that both parties said was an accident. The “wardrobe malfunction” caused an uproar among both fans and the Federal Communications Commission. After failing to appear at the Grammy Awards, Jackson dropped out of a television project in which she was to play Lena Horne.

In 2017, after announcing that Timberlake would perform at the Super Bowl in February 2018, many viewers tweeted about how they wanted Timberlake to apologize publicly to Janet Jackson for the “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004. In an interview with BBC Music during his world tour stop in London, Timberlake said he had patched things up with Jackson any resentment of their past.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 4In 2004, Jackson’s album Damita Jo featured collaborations with Kanye West and Jay-Z. Her 2006 album 20 Y.O featured “Call on Me,” a track by Nelly featuring Jackson as the lead vocalist. In 2008, Jackson released Discipline, an album that was well-received that features diverse tracks such as her own disco number “Feedback.”

Around this time, Janet Jackson worked with Tyler Perry, acting in the ensemble cast of one of his films, Why Did I Get Married, which ended up being successful. She also was a part of Tyler Perry’s adaptation of For Colored Girls, directed by him too.

In 2009, Jackson’s brother Michael went into cardiac arrest which caused him to expire. She spoke to mourners days after his death at the BET Awards. Later reports indicate there was some family-related conflict about Michael’s inheritance involving his children.

In 2011, Jackson released the book titled True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself, which discussed body image and her difficulties with weight. Co-written by David Ritz, it became a no. one best-selling book.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023After dating producer Jermaine Dupri for some time, Janet Jackson married Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana in 2012. News outlets began reporting in February 2013 that the couple had wed the previous year. According to a statement the couple made to Entertainment Tonight, their wedding was a “quiet, private and beautiful ceremony.”

In 2016, Jackson announced that she was pregnant with her first child. Fans were thrilled to hear the news and followed the child’s birth on January 3rd. But, just months later, it became clear that Jackson had split from her partner, Al Mana.

Talk to Paul TTP Janet Jackson's NY Condo Is Now Available For 9$M Portrait 1 Central Park W Unit 34A, New York, NY 10023 5Jackson released her new single “No Sleeep” in June 2015, shortly before embarking on a world tour. In the fall, Jackson released her 11th studio album, Unbreakable, which reunited her with producers Jam and Lewis. The album “Rhythm Nation,” released on her own label, also went to number one, making her the third popstar (along with Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen) to have an album at the top of the charts in every decade since the 1980s.

After years of absence, Jackson returned to the world stage in 2019. That year, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and enjoyed a four-month residency in Las Vegas. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Jackson reissued her Rhythm Nation album. In February 2020, Janet Jackson announced that she will be touring again this summer to support his latest studio album titled Black Diamond.

Now that we have known more about Janet Jackson, let’s move on to the main topic for today which is her $9 million condo.

Every New Yorker wishes for great views, a corner location in the building, and lots of natural light. Janet Jackson’s home in Manhattan carries all three and is for sale with an asking price of $8.995 million. This condo sits in a building of 1 Central Park West – an elegant, desirable residential structure that was completed in 1996. It has three bedrooms, three and one-half bathrooms, and measures 2,094 square feet. The building offers a number of amenities to its tenants, including a lobby with a doorman and concierge, 24-hour room service from Jean-Georges, a state of the art gym, pool, hospitality suite, valet service, and parking. The apartment, which is on the 34th floor, is entered through a gallery that leads into a large open living and dining room. The kitchen, which has windows unlike many New York City kitchens, is discreetly positioned and has two entrances – one for maximum privacy when living here and another for entertaining guests. A clean bathroom with stylish fixtures completes the public rooms.

The main bedroom suite is at the end of the gallery and features multiple generous closet spaces and a luxurious marble spa bath. From this private oasis, an owner can enjoy views of the sun rising over Central Park, as well as of the lights in the city after dark. For the second and third bedrooms, there are bathrooms that include a shower. These bedrooms are generously proportioned with one bedroom being set up as a library and having handsome custom millwork. The third room is perfect for hosting guests. The apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows which frame the panoramic views from every room. The ceilings are 10 feet high and there is central air conditioning. There is also a security system, beautiful wood floors, and excellent storage space, making this an apartment that stands out from the typical NYC lodging both literally and figuratively. The most compelling aspect of this luxurious residence is its location overlooking Central Park. This view changes during different times of day and throughout the year, and is constantly stirring.

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