Roloff Farm from “Little People, Big World” is on the market for $4M

Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M

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Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M FrontBut before diving in, let’s first know who the Roloffs are.

The Roloff family consists of Matt, Amy, who is a small achondroplasia patient, and four kids: fraternal twins Jeremy and Zachary (born 1990), Molly (born 1993), and Jacob (born 1997). The other three kids are ordinary height, whereas Zach, like his mother, has achondroplasia. In 1987, Matt and Amy crossed paths at a Little People of America convention. The pair shortly became engaged, and on September 12, 1987, they were wed. The couple announced their separation in March 2014. The pair made their divorce announcement on June 5, 2015. In May 2016, their divorce was finalized.

In 1990, the Roloffs purchased a farmhouse in need of repair on 34 acres in Helvetia, Oregon. Roloff labored to build the current Roloff Farm, which includes a mine hole, a pirate ship on a lake, a three-story treehouse, a full-size Medieval castle, a volleyball court, a soccer field, and tunnels in addition to pumpkins. Additionally, there are renovated barns and outbuildings.During specific times of the year, such as the pumpkin season, Roloff Farm is accessible to the general public. Every year, it gets about 30,000 visitors. The Roloffs grew their business by acquiring the farm’s neighboring 80-acre property in 2010.


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M Living RoomIn August 2005, Little People, Big World made its debut. For six seasons, 320 days a year of filming were done. The program’s executive producer is Roloff.Filming for the first season lasted seven months. Little People, Big World’s first season ends with Roloff accepting a position in computer sales for Amdocs, a software business where he had previously served as a consultant. Roloff visited Iraq in 2008 to help a family there who had three dwarf children who required medical care. His journey was the focus of the season-ending episodes of Little People, Big World’s fourth season, and it was reported by CNN and other major news organizations.

In 2008, the complete family made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.Little People, Big World completed its sixth full season in December 2010. After a little interval, TLC/Discovery contacted the Roloff family once more to film 4 “Little People, Big World” Specials lasting an hour each.The Roloffs started filming Little People Big World: Wedding Farm, a spin-off season, in the summer of 2012. The television series has six episodes, and it debuted in November 2012. Conquering Mt. St. Helens: Little People, Big World debuted in March 2013. In this episode, Matt constructs a one-room schoolhouse while Amy and Zach prepare to climb Mount St. Helens. Like this, other programs also broadcast.

Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M Living Room 2Moving on..

The setting for the wildly popular TLC television series Little People, Big World, Roloff Farm, is well known throughout the world. This expansive property, which is nestled in the hills of the Swiss-Esque unincorporated hamlet of Helvetia, Oregon, provides endless opportunity to the buyer looking for land and peace.

Matt Roloff, star of “Little People, Big World,” is planning a significant sale of his Hillsboro, Oregon, house.

The reality TV star revealed on Instagram that he has made the decision to sell a significant piece of the farm, which has served as the setting for the long-running series.

Roloff wrote on Instagram, “Today 16 acres of the farm’s 109 acres, including our original family home and brilliant red barn, go up for sale.” It’s time to move on to the next season of life, which is “a little bit terrifying but largely thrilling.”


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M DiningHe continued, “For the past 30+ years, all of the rolofffarms has brought me and our family immense joy! ”

According to the New York Post, the listing comes after his ex-wife, Amy Roloff, sold her share of the home in 2019 for $667,000.

The complex consists of the main house, a nine-car garage, and a number of wacky structures, such as a pirate ship, a Western town, a medieval castle in the German style, and a “Bridge to Nowhere,” which is actually a covered picnic area.

In 1990, the Roloffs paid only $185,000 for the property.

Over time, alterations and additions were made, including the construction of the 5,374-square-foot family residence. The house has five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. It also has twin offices, a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with granite countertops, and a dining space nearby.


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M KitchenYou may locate a TV production studio and a guest suite inside the striking barn.

Roloff doesn’t seem to be ready to give up his farm life just yet.

He stated on his website, “I am decreasing acres to widen my activities. Despite some consolidation and simplification, the remaining acres will still host the spectacular 2022 pumpkin season and new adventures.

The site also has a pool, a farm stand and gift shop, as well as a network of trails and bridges.

The renowned farm undoubtedly attracted internet interest. It was the most popular listing on last week.

Will the high level of interest in the house result in a sale? The property undoubtedly provides a wide range of alternatives. The “world-famous Roloff Farm hidden in the highlands of Helvetia offers boundless possibilities for solitude, freedom, and lifestyle,” according to the listing.


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M BedroomThe listing is held by Julie Martin of Luxe Forbes Global Properties.

Julie Martinez has built a reputation for creating enduring relationships with those she serves because she is driven to assist her customers in acquiring wealth through real estate.Julie’s dedication to providing top-notch customer service stems from her 15 years of success as a customer service manager in the banking and financial sector. She is aware that mutual respect and trust are the cornerstones of developing the best possible customer connections.

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Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M Entertainment RoomDue to her upbringing in the region, Julie shares her knowledge about Sacramento, the Bay Area, and the neighboring cities. Whether buying or selling, every customer benefits from her meticulous commitment to superior care.Her two young sons, who serve as her daily motivation, are the reason Julie loves to spend time with her family. She enjoys going on hikes with her dogs, traveling, and supporting the Oakland A’s and Las Vegas Raiders when she’s not busy assisting members in her community with their real estate goals.

Moving forward..

Let me review again all the details of the farm for you to keep in mind.

The 100-year-old farm has a very rich history and offers spectacular views of rolling hills, lush surroundings, and coastal mountain ranges. The 16-acre property, which has only been owned by three families over the previous century, is surrounded by fertile soil that is perfect for producing fruit trees including apple, plum, cherry, and peach as well as pinot noir grapes, blueberries, pumpkins, and other vegetables.


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M PoolHelvetia, which is 15 miles west of Portland, was established in the early 1900s by Swiss immigrants who were attracted to the area by the many similarities to their native country. This close-knit neighborhood is sometimes referred to as “Little Switzerland,” and the scenic environment, dotted with Swiss chalets throughout the glossy hills, is nothing short of magnificent. Many of the people are related by their Swiss history.

“The old saying location, location, location has been replaced by location, location, lifestyle,” commented listing agent, Juli Martin, Luxe Forbes Global Properties. “In a post-pandemic era, home buyers are seeking space, privacy and security. This is exactly what you will find at Roloff Farm.”

Granite worktops and stainless-steel appliances were thoughtfully incorporated into a recent remodel of the old farmstead. Five bedrooms, five full bathrooms, and a powder room are all located on the main level of the 5373 square foot farmhouse mountain home. Additionally, there are his and hers offices or “zoom rooms” on the main floor, which are excellent for remote working and learning. There is also a sizable bonus room, and the unfinished basement would be perfect for a hobby area or home gym. Finally, the roomy six-car garage offers plenty of space for toys, and the outdoor pool and balcony that extend from the great room provide countless gathering opportunities.


Talk to Paul TTP Roloff Farm from Little People, Big World is on the market for $4M TerraceThe exceedingly uncommon property also has a number of other buildings that add to its charm and distinctiveness, like a 3594 square foot traditional red and white barn. The building is configured for managing a small business and is being used as office space. Additionally, the barn has a studio apartment with an entrance that would make an excellent au pair suite or caregiver residence.

The grounds of the property, which are bursting with personality, are best described as an elaborate fantasy world for kids. A full-scale pirate ship, a western town with a jail, bank, sheriff’s office, general store, hotel, and blacksmith’s shop designed after Knotts Berry Farm, and a medieval castle with German influences are a few of the wacky installations.

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