Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M


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Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M But before diving in, let’s first know who Frankie Valli is.

In the twenty-first century, Frankie Valli, who rose to stardom in 1962 as the Four Seasons’ lead singer, is more popular than ever. Songs like “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Rag Doll,” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” are now again popular due to the Tony Award-winning musical Jersey Boys, which details the life and times of Frankie and his legendary group. The real Frankie Valli is filling concert halls from the Rose Theater, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City, to L.A.’s Kodak Theater, site of the Academy Awards, as the play enters its third sold-out year on Broadway and two touring companies of Jersey Boys tour the country.

With his first brand-new studio album in 15 years, Frankie now pays homage to the decade that helped him become famous. He adds his unique touch to some of his favorite 1960s songs in Romancing The ’60s, which will be released on October 2. These are songs he always wanted to record but for some reason never did. The set, which was produced by Frankie’s longtime companion and founding member of the Four Seasons, Bob Gaudio, features stunning new renditions of classic songs like “Spanish Harlem,” “Call Me,” and “Take Good Care of My Baby.” The four teenage Jersey Boys stars also make a wonderful guest appearance on the CD, lending their backing vocals to…what else? The most anxiously awaited album of Frankie Valli’s 54-year recording career is Romancing The ’60s, which was released at the ideal moment during Jersey Boy frenzy.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M Living RoomBut don’t say Frankie is back, please. He never left actually. Even though the majority of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ 71 chart-topping songs (40 in the Top 40, 19 in the Top 10 and eight No. 1s) were released in the 1960s, the music didn’t end there. Since 1962, he has practically continuously toured, and films including The Deer Hunter, Dirty Dancing, Mrs. Doubtfire, Conspiracy Theory, and The Wanderers frequently use his music. Frankie’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” has been covered by up to 200 musicians, with styles ranging from Nancy Wilson’s jazz interpretation to Lauryn Hill’s hip-hop transformation. 

Numerous other top recording artists have been influenced by Frankie and the Seasons. Numerous recent tributes gathered for Jersey Beat, the recently released Four Seasons boxed set, made mention of this. Barry Gibb, for instance, once said, “Frankie Valli has become one of the iconic voices of our generation. Billy Joel: “I wrote ‘Uptown Girl’ as the flip side to the story of ‘Rag Doll.’ I always liked that record.

From the deepest emotions of his actual voice to the force of his falsetto, he developed a style that we all still seek to replicate.” And from Brian Wilson: “The Four Seasons were my favorite band in the early 1960s. They were outstanding, in my opinion. The voice blending was excellent. I was able to get going because of the competition. It motivated me because they produced quality songs. I thought I could outperform their music, so I headed to the piano.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M Dining 2Moving on to the selling..

Frankie Valli has listed his Los Angeles condo for $3,195,000.

The singer paid $2.55 million for the home in 2009. Three years ago, it was listed for $3.14 million, and in January 2020, it was relisted for little under $3 million. Additionally, it may be rented out in style for at least $14,000 per month.

Although the asking price has ranged from $2,599,000 to $3.8 million, perhaps the most current price point will appeal to a buyer.

Three bedrooms and four bathrooms are included in the 3,190 square feet of living space that the condo underwent renovations. The apartment features recessed lighting, white walls, dark wood floors, floor to ceiling windows with city views, and more.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M KitchenThe living room, dining room, and den are all accessible from the entryway thanks to the open floor design.

A large kitchen with a center island, gas range, and bar seating is located next to the living and dining area.

Glass-enclosed walls, a dining area, two walk-in closets, and a bathroom with double basins and a Jacuzzi tub are all included in the main suite. Two further bedrooms have en suite bathrooms.

This apartment is part of a luxury complex that has 21 stories and 73 flats. Residents can take advantage of features including valet parking, a fitness center, a pool, a spa, and round-the-clock security. It is situated near Beverly Hills, museums, stores, and restaurants along the Wilshire Corridor.

This gorgeously renovated apartment in the HIGHLY SOUGHT-AFTER LA TOUR is an opportunity you do not want to pass up! Given that you’ll be close to Beverly Hills, Westwood, UCLA, and the 405 highway, this is undoubtedly the best position along the Wilshire Corridor. Floor to ceiling glass in Apartment 902 allows in a ton of natural light, filling the slightly under 3,200 square feet of livable space in this three bedroom, three and a half bathroom apartment. The dining room, living room, and den space are all connected with an open floor plan that will astound you and make entertaining your visitors a breeze. 


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M BarThe spacious primary suite, which features two walk-in closets, twin basins, and a Jacuzzi tub, is guaranteed to wow. There are two extra bedrooms with en suite bathrooms in addition to the main suite. This “full service” building has four condos per level, valet parking, a workout facility, a pool, spa, library, and 24-hour security. It won’t be on the market for long because this is a fantastic house in a fantastic area and Emilio Valli, with Coldwell Banker, is representing the listing. 

Emilio Valli, a self-starter and native of Calabasas, works and resides in Malibu, where he is grateful to call home and happy to serve as a real estate agent. Emilio Valli, the famous singer and actor Frankie Valli’s son, had the good fortune to grow up surrounded by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and to learn early on the value of honesty in both personal and professional matters. Emilio still aspires to base his professionalism on devotion and honesty while providing each customer with the same degree of attention and dedication.

Emilio’s everyday enthusiasm is matched by Coldwell bankers attitude towards technology and is one of the primary reasons that attracted him to the agency. By embracing tech-friendly practices, the process of buying and selling homes becomes a win-win for all parties involved and is in line with the direction that the world is moving.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M Bedroom“Our firm is ideally sized to represent our clients: small enough to act quickly, but big enough to harness the powerful resources and global connections needed to deliver rewarding results.”

Following a family tragedy and having to deal with the unexpected duty of caring for the house they were left with, Emilio had his first taste of real estate. Since that time, Emilio has dedicated himself to learning everything he can about real estate in order to safeguard his family’s assets. He also discovered an opportunity to assist others as they went through difficult periods in their own life. He has kept up that kindness over the years, attending to any needs his clients may have.

Before getting into real estate, Emilio was a resident of Long Island, New York, and had been admitted into the prestigious High School Film Program at NYU. He returned to his West Coast roots after finishing the course to graduate from Malibu High School and receive his associate’s degree in film from the Los Angeles Film School. His professional career began in Hollywood as a production assistant, working long hours on such well-known television programs as CSI Las Vegas, Ray Donovan on Showtime, and Agent Carter from Marvel.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M BalconyEmilio focuses on Malibu, Venice, and the Westside of Los Angeles and aspires to make the process of purchasing and selling as easy as possible for everyone by emphasizing tenacity and honesty above all else.

Moving forward..

Let me review all the details of the condo again for you to keep in mind.

Frankie Valli has advertised his Los Angeles condo for $3,195,000.

For $2.55 million, the crooner bought the house in 2009. Three years ago, it was listed for $3.14 million. It was then relisted in January 2020 for slightly under $3 million. Additionally, it was a luxurious rental option starting at $14,000 per month.

The asking price has varied from as little as $2,599,000 to as much as $3.8 million, but maybe the most current pricing may appeal to a buyer.

Three bedrooms and four bathrooms are included in the condo’s 3,190 square feet of living space. The apartment has white walls, dark wood floors, and floor to ceiling windows with city views.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M ViewThe living room, dining room, and den are all connected by an open floor plan, providing a smooth transition from the entryway.

The roomy kitchen, which is outfitted with a gas range, a central island, and bar seating, is located next to the living and dining area.

In addition to glass walls, the main suite has two walk-in closets, a lounging area, and a bathroom with double sinks and a Jacuzzi tub. Two other bedrooms have en suite bathrooms.

A luxury structure with 21 floors and 73 flats houses this apartment. A fitness center, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and round-the-clock security are among the amenities available to residents. It is close to Beverly Hills, museums, stores, and restaurants because it is situated along the Wilshire Corridor.


Talk to Paul TTP Singer Legend Frankie Valli Lists His LA Condo for $3.12M GymIf you want to invest in this condo, now is the time to do it. The market is still strong, and there are many houses available for sale. You can find your dream home by looking online or calling a real estate agent. If you’re interested in purchasing a property, make sure to get pre-approved by your lender. This will help you determine how much money you need to invest and avoid any delays in the process. The market is still stable and prices are still low. You can also invest in a property that’s in a good location. If you’re not sure what you want, you can hire a real estate agent to help you find the perfect home. 

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