Who Is the Best Real Estate Agent in Westwood? – Top 10 Best Agents

Paul Argueta here! I’m gonna share with you who the best real estate agents in Westwood, California are courtesy of Broker Metrics by Terradatum.

Top 10 Best Agents:

Number #10 - James Bremner.

Number #9 - Cynthia Ambuehl.

Number #8 - Jimmy Heckenberg.

Number #7 - Lawrence Young.

Number #6 - F. Ron Smith.

Number #5 - David Berg.

Number #4 - Kurt Rappaport.

We are now in the top three!

The top three real estate agents in Westwood based on sales production records provided by Broker Metrics are:

Number #3 - Drew Fenton.

Number #2 - Santiago Arana.

Number #1 - David Offer.